Following The Treats Truck

“I love my truck!” Kim Ima tells us. That would be The Treats Truck, her “little mom-and-pop bakery on wheels” that sells the cookies, brownies and crispy squares her crew bakes in Red Hook on street corners throughout New York City. It’s popular with customers whom Ima repeatedly mentions adoringly in large part thanks to her and her team’s customer service. When you order a brownie, we ask, corner, center or side; she tells us. If a kid wants a flower sugar-cookie, we make sure the kid gets just the color he or she wants. I swear, it tastes better when it is just the right one! Connecting with these customers can be tricky, but being mobile has its advantages. The Treats Truck is in a spot only once or twice a week, so it can become a fun, regular part of your week, Ima tells us. “It makes it extra special that you wouldn’t see the truck every day. But of course there are downsides, too. You really have fewer hours to actually be open for business; between the driving, parking, and all, it cuts into store hours. Also, there is no guarantee you’ll get the spot you want that day. So the Treats Truck’s next stop? A brick-and-mortar outpost on Court Street, in Carroll Gardens.

Photo Eugene Reznik



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