Gearing Up: Cinematic Brooklyn

Prop Styling + Photos: BLOW UP!

It is not uncommon to be wandering around Manhattan and suddenly be reminded of an iconic movie scene that took place right where you’re standing. (“Oh look, that’s where Harry met Sally!”) But with a few notable exceptions, that doesn’t happen quite as often in Brooklyn—and we think that’s too bad. Using BAM’s special 150th anniversary screening series of local flicks as a starting point, we took some of our favorite Brooklyn movies and distilled the essence of their style, for your enjoyment and edification, on the following pages.

The Landlord

Geisha Roll-On Perfume from MioMia, $36 Brandy Parfums from MioMia, $80
General Knot Navy Deadstock Floral Tie from Smith and Butler, $98

Dog Day Afternoon

Lifetime Collective Two-Tone Tie from, $25
Angle Poise Lamp from A&G Merch, $250 Retro Flip Clock from A&G Merch, $34


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