Goorin Bros.: The Great American Milliners Come To Brooklyn

Classic American hats have been making a comeback for over a decade now. This is a very good thing. But one must make sure to dress in a style suitable to the elegance of one’s homburg or trilby, lest (in jeans, t-shirt and a porkpie) one risk looking like the like fourth Spin Doctor. Once these sartorial shoals have been circumnavigated, a trip to Goorin Bros. in Park Slope is surely the next step, now that they’ve finally opened an outpost in Brooklyn. Though they’re a national chain, Goorin Bros. (founded in 1895) is still run by a Goorin, and they make all their hats here at home, so you can feel good about a hat that will last (we’re looking at you, made-in-Shenzhen-via-St. Mark’s fedora). 95B Fifth Avenue


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