Fashion and Food Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

Brooklyn Heights’ Pippa Lord (by way of Australia) has a busy enough day job (photo editor of a little mag called Elle—not to be confused with The L Magazine), so it’s kind of amazing that she’s decided to start her own website,, a fashion-food hybrid with a simple premise: photos of attractive, stylish people from around the globe making the food they love. The site also features recipes, how-to advice (HOW TO CUT A POMEGRANATE!), reviews, tips on fancy cooking gear, and more general home and lifestyle eye-candy. We asked Lord what inspired her to start such an ambitious side project:
“Well, when we were discussing what this site was about, we kept going back to the term ‘homemaker’—traditionally this was used to describe a woman who didn’t work outside the home, and therefore connotes husband/children/house but really, it applies to anyone trying to make a home. The homemaker phase starts before all that—and doesn’t preclude having a career at the same time—so we’re trying to shift the focus to those women, who may not have been considered homemakers before but definitely are.
“These new homemakers are different in their claim on the title; essentially, we’re recognizing that homemakers also include the ladies—and gentlemen!—who aren’t yet married or having children and who do indeed have a job outside the home, but are just as interested in building and maintaining a wonderful, satisfying home life.”


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