A Lit Mag For People Who Don’t Read Lit Mags

The Coffin Factory, recently launched out of Park Slope by editors Randy Rosenthal and Laura Isaacman, hopes to be a literary magazine for the kinds of people who usually only read books. “We acquire stories, essays, and poems from at least a handful of more-recognizable names and publish their work alongside those of lesser-known writers, whose work we believe is as compelling and thrilling to read,” the editors explain. In their debut issue, work by literary powerhouses like Roberto Bolaño, Joyce Carol Oates, Milan Kundera and José Saramago appears alongside that of up-and-comers like local favorite Justin Taylor (who also happens to appear on page 88 of this magazine). “The high-quality design and content from writers and artists from around the world signals to our readers that each issue is worth reading cover to cover,” the editors tell us, “just as they would a book.”


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