Brooklyn Nets Have Perfect Job for Post-Presidency Marty Markowitz

Marty Markowitz is very sad that he missed the first audition to be the Brooklyn Nets’ announcer.

Last we heard it sounded pretty likely—though not completely certain—that current Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz will be retiring from politics when his current term ends in 2013. But just because he’s (probably) leaving public office doesn’t mean he has to cease being Brooklyn’s most boisterous spokesman: the Brooklyn Nets need an announcer, and we think Marty’d be perfect for the job.

As one of the most vocal supporters of the Atlantic Yards project—whose centerpiece is the fast-rising Barclay’s Center—he’s already a de facto cheerleader for the team. But the Post reports that the Nets have started holding auditions for an announcer, and even though Marty missed the first round on Friday—and will still be in office for the Nets’ first season—we bet the team could make an exception for the third-term borough president.

“We’re looking for a fresh voice — people with a booming, dynamic voice that’ll make the building shake,” said Petra Pope, the Nets senior vice president of event marketing. Pope said it would “nice” — but not required — for the PA announcer to be from Brooklyn, adding that even someone with a Brooklynese accent like Markowitz has a shot.

The Post doesn’t think Marty has what it would take, claiming his voice is “more suited to waxing poetic on the finer qualities of Brooklyn cheesecake,” which is further proof that he would be perfect for the gig. Can’t you already hear him yelling “fuhgeddaboudit” every time Brook Lopez blocks a shot?


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