A Little Green Fountain, A Little Green Fairy

We’ve been drinking absinthe for a while now (hello, homemade green fairy of Rubulad!), so though we were happy about the appearance of Maison Premiere on Bedford Avenue—and its hedonistic one-two absinthe/oyster punch—we didn’t freak out quite as much as some of our foodie friends… Until we saw the ONLY ABSINTHE FOUNTAIN IN NEW YORK CITY. This elegant pale-jade thing of beauty is a proximate replica of the one found at classic New Orleans bar the Old Absinthe House, including a small statuette of Napoleon that the owners found online, by the same sculptor whose work appeared on the original. But that was the least of their troubles: apparently it took nearly four months to custom-install extra-long brass taps and run the complex feed that would yield just the right amount of cold water to create that legendarily cloudy-green absinthe perfection. Sure, Maison Premiere has been bringing in the serious crowds of late (even at 5:30 p.m. on a Wednesday) but with the best absinthe stock in the country—and an adorably accoutered, attractive bar staff—it’s still worth squeezing into a spot at the bar.

Photo Joe Hume


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