Neighborhood Power Rankings: Summer 2011

01. (-) Greenpoint

Holding firm at number one, the locals resisting the non-stop day/night action of Williamsburg is actually a good thing.

02. (+2) Cobble Hill

A new local CSA and the arrival of the one and only Martin Amis!

03. (+2) Fort Greene/Clinton Hill

Theater for a New Audience’s space is finally under construction. Also, introducing the Wallabout Historic district! (It’s just one block right now, but still.)

04. (+2) Williamsburg

Yes, it’s a madhouse in the summertime, but it’s hard to argue against all the great music right in your own backyard.

05. (+2) Ditmas Park

David Edelstein moved here! From Park Slope! So, there’s that…

06. (-2) Park Slope

Unable to support jazz clubs or local video stores. Boo.

07. (-5) Carroll Gardens

It might’ve been the mob, it might’ve been a broken heart, but the owner of Lucali got into a streetside knife fight. The end.

08. (+2) Bushwick

Take that, Brooklyn Heights! Vandervoort Place could become the Bushwick Art Park. Which would be cool.

09. (-1) Brooklyn Heights

Too beautiful to fall much, too dull to rise. (Though reports of students terrorizing locals with soda-can bombs are kind of interesting.)

10. (+1) Gowanus

Well, well, well. Look who’s getting a Whole Foods… Free samples!

11. (+3) Red Hook

Two words, really, for Red Hook in the summer: food vendors.

12. (+1) Windsor Terrace/Kensington

We guess it’s kind of cool that Peter Parker lives here now (who knew Spider-Man actually founded Facebook?).

13. (-1) Dumbo

A treeless neighborhood that is essentially just photo shoots, tourists, and roadwork is not going to be improved bywarmer weather.

14. (-5) Prospect Heights

So, a rat came out of a toilet and attacked a Prospect Heights woman. That’s not cool.

15. (+5) Coney Island

Will the first new roller coasters in decades bring summer back to Coney? Maybe.

16. (+3) Crown Heights

Count it as a moral victory of sorts that scary realtor Corcoran will stop referring to the western part of the neighborhood as “Prospect Heights.” (Death to Pro-Cro.)

17. (-2) Bed-Stuy

Increased complaints (from gentrifying white people?) have led to more police on the street. Good, bad, or just awkward?

18. (+1) Sunset Park

The summer

19. (-2) Bay Ridge

Local politicians killed a proposed bike lane on the Bay Ridge Parkway. To hell with quality of life.

20. (-2) Sheepshead Bay

Osama bin Laden dies, a mosque gets graffitied. Nice work racists!


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